About Our Business
Mission Statement
The mission of the Emergency Supply Depot, Inc. is to assist families
and individuals prepare themselves for an immediate emergency or unexpected disaster. By
providing information and emergency supplies, they will be able to make wise decisions in
developing their personal emergency plan.

Emergency Supply Depot, Inc. provides individual and group
consulting covering: how to plan for an emergency, what supplies are necessary, where to get
supplies, evacuation needs, quick contact of immediate family, assessment of long term
needs, and community resources.
Background Information

The Emergency Supply Depot, Inc. began as an idea by the John Michael Fletcher, who was
concerned with the safety of the members of his church and the members of our community
in the event of a major disaster.

With his unexpected death in 2003, his ideas sat dormant until 2007 when James D.
Armstrong took hold of his ideas. In June 2007, Mr Armstrong began the process of
securing permits and licenses, contacting vendors, searching for an office space, and securing
financing etc.

Leaving his job as an operator at Heinz Frozen Foods in March 2007 and relying on another
business he started in October 2006, James is confident this
Emergency Supply Depot, Inc.
will help our community prepare themselves for what may come our way.
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Since October 2007 we have seen an increase in natural events across the
United States not to mention the events occurring through out the world.
Fires, Floods, Tornadoes, Ice Storms, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and on
and on.
We have also seen an increase in Wars and rumors of Wars. Terrorism
around the Globe and Gang violences  with in our borders. This world is in
turmoil with man made wars and mother nature fighting back with her fury.

Are You Prepared For What Is Coming?

Emergency Supply Depot, Inc. is here to help you and your family prepare
for what might change your way of life.
Do you have a Family Emergency Plan? Do you have an Emergency 72
Hour Kit? Are you gathering a short term or long term supply of
equipment and provisions in the event Utilities are stopped and Retail
Stores run out of supplies?
We are here to help you with
Information, Educational Materials And /
Or Emergency Supplies
Check out our web site or give us a call. We look forward to helping you
find what you need. We hope that you'll find everything you need to
protect yourself and your family.

Thank you for stopping by.

If you have suggestions to help us improve our service to you, Please send us an
e-mail at: www.emergencysupply@yahoo.com

We look forward to doing business with you
Emergency Supply
Depot, Inc

Idaho Falls, Idaho
(208) 406-4124